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Originally Posted by pcockley View Post
Its just that, if it was simple then surely BMW would have designed it that way in the first place???
I see it like this.

Every car, every manufacturer has the accellerator pedal.

The more you push it, the more power you get.

Some cars have a 'power curve' where the first few % points of pressure directly equal throttle response. Then the last % points equal a higher throttle response sooner.

All the throttle box does, is change the power curve.

So lets say, the first 10% of the throttle is the same as stock, but then the harder you press, the quicker it jumps to the next % point. This would mean, you can get much more 'power' out of your car (throttle response) without having to put 'metal to the metal'.

In the real world, this would make your car faster as it takes less time to get to full throttle power. On top of this, it would make the car much more responsive to throttle input.

So the box would actually work on every single car.

The tech is very straight forward.

If throttle = 10%, change to 12%
If throttle = 50%, change to 70%

So on and so forth. There are competing products on the market, but from my knowledge, this is the only one with different programs.

So it has very agressive programs to much lighter programs.

It's certainly a real product, using real technology. Just nothing compared to a tuning system.

I think it is a natural fit to a tuning system. I'll get one in and see how it goes.