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Originally Posted by 007MCoupe View Post
Let's say for S&G that IS the layout, I think it'd be best counter-clockwise. At first shot, I didn't think this would be a good track design but after much thought it looks like it could be really challenging and not boring. Bear with me through the following HYPOTHETICAL scenario:

Start/Finish is up top, just after that left hairpin, let's say right there at 'Liberty Skyline'. That would be the best pit straight IMO into a nice, fast looking right hander into a tight 90-left. Nice, fast, sweeping run into the chicane off JFK into a few 90's. Coming out of the righty at 'Port Imperial' DRS detection around the 'NY Waterway' with DRS activation after the right, in front of Ben and Jerry's there. High speed down into a super right (like turn 14 at China). Pit entrance is at the 'Y' in '...Defino WaY'

Honestly just bored at work and looking forward to India. Need my F1 fix after korea! lol
. Come to india!