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The Sprintbooster is a "POWER" button for your car that didn't come with one from the factory.

Anyone that has ever driven a car with a POWER button, no matter what the brand, will tell you the drive is sharper, smoother and much nicer.... a POWER button is a fantastic thing to have for a better driving experience - sharper power delivery.

People who say you can have the same experience by pushing the pedal further to the floor are correct... for one off racing or nailing off the mark... but the reality is that NO ONE drives like this is normal everyday driving in traffic, in built up areas.... we drive as we were taught... we are in traffic, we gentle touch the pedal... we experience lag, non responsiveness as we feather touch the pedal in traffic.

With a Sprintbooster (and the Pedal box does the same thing... same effect)... the feather touch will kick in the turbo, pull, deliver the power on tap and "make it feel" like the car is super toey and powerful.

Cut a long story short - do yourself a favour and install a SprintBooster (or Pedalbox)... forget the stories of 'sink the boot to floor' as this is rubbish in peak hour traffic - and high traffic areas... no one naturally drives like this.

..sweet torquin' diesel!