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Originally Posted by Gamoto View Post
The phrase "Redistribution of Wealth" has been utterd by all of the race baiting, class warfare promoting Liberals, from BHO, Biden, Pelosi, Reed...they all tout this crap. They know it's the only way they can get elected.
I'm getting a strong feeling that you are one of those way-off-the-deep-end undebateable types, and I'm really not interested in your less-than-objective opinion.

I'll ask this one more time only. I'd like you to give me an actual example of Democrats "redistributing the wealth", keeping in mind that we've had a graduated tax system, social programs, and more for about 80 years now.

And FYI, we elect Democrats because they are non-selfish, non-racist, non-hypocrytical realists, who represent the interests of most Americans. It's what educated people do.