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Originally Posted by Joker330i View Post
losing weight is a fairly simple concept that in my opinion just has too much bullshit attached to it by fad diets

take in less calories than your body burns naturally/you exercise out

it doesnt matter if its one large meal, or 6 small meals, the body will digest it all the same and use the fats, carbs, and proteins all the same as well

trust me i know, i've lost 80lbs through hard lifting and DIETING
yeah, diet AND lifting.

OP - it's true that you need to burn more calories than you take in, but eventually (if you're not exericising as well), your body will just get used to taking in less calories and it'll adapt, and your weight loss will drop off.

Watch what you're eating, be smart about how you're working out - that'll get you the fat loss you're looking for and keep it off.