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Charcoal Delete and K&N Filter revisited. Your personal experience Please :)

Been reading up on this and been wanting to do a charcoal delete & a K&N swap... I read numerous times that the prevalence of junk getting into my engine because of this would increase (and the charcoal delete can also F*)&# some of the engine ratios [what i mean by ratios is that the combustion could be off at least thats what some forum members have mentions; dont know the specific terms]) but what has your experience been? any problems?

Also, I know the US box uses a flat panel filter rather than a cylindrical shaped filter.. can I put a cylinder K&N filter into my car or do i have to get a Euro box? I sorta want a Euro box since cleaning the filter would be much easier (hopefully I could find it used somehow)
wow.. sorry for the crap ass post (dumb iphone app haha)
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