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e91 Sound System upgrade decision making

Hello all,

I recently purchased my 2006 e91 325xi, and it has iDrive and the HiFi sound system(which from my reading is the standard system on this year and model). It does not have the center speaker or logic7 anywhere within the iDrive system settings.

I am looking to upgrade the speakers in this car as soon as financially possible. I went from a 98 camry sedan with a tape deck (using mp3 player via tape adapter-->3.5mm jack) and to be honest, I prefer the sound from my old camry, because at least the sounds it full even though it is staticy as louder volumes.

That said, I listen to alt rock music (Foo Fighters, Incubus, Cage the Elephant,etc.) and occasionally delve into nastalgic rap/hiphop as in Dr Dre/Nelly/Eminem from the late 90s. That said, I do not need heavy bass and do not intend to crank bass levels to "drowning out the music" levels. I just want my sound to be level and to be able to hear the lows when applicable.

I have read multiple sites including coming across the speaker list on this forum. I am leaning toward SWS-8's to replace the subs in the back seats, however this leads me to my first and second decisions.
1. Are the SWS-8s, being subwoofers, going to be a good fit for my rock music listening preferences, or should I be going with a mid-bass driver for the 8" slot?
2. If I am already spending $200+ on a pair of these speakers at 4ohms, should I be getting the 2ohm set and adding an amp, or will the 4ohm factory replacements on factory amp/wiring be sufficient for my rock music preferences?

Then, on to the 4" speakers in every door. I Have not been able to read enough to make a decision on the specific model I want to replace with. Should I be looking for mid-bass drivers if I get the SWS-8's for my sub replacements? Is there something other than mid-bass speakers in the 4" size? As you can tell, I have not learned much in this speaker size.

Tweeters: do these need replaced?

Basically, I am not sure where to go, and would appreciate some input from anyone who knows what they are talking about. The options are too much for the time I have to read about this, and I would appreciate an entire models/products scenarios anyone could give. I just dont want to get speakers that don't complement each other.

Also, I HAVE seen BSW's option, and I see that as something similar to Bose in the home theater market: It will satisfy many people for what it is, however with just a bit more effort/knowledge you can have the same quality for cheaper than BSW/Bose's price, or better quality for the same price as BSW/Bose. Correct me if I am wrong here.

Thanks to anyone who can help me with this confusing journey!