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Originally Posted by DavidN View Post
ZAIO is only required for the first coat of Z2 (or Z5). Any subsequent coats, up to 10, can be added over top 24 hours apart without using ZAIO again. As for ZFX, it is only required in two scenarios; 1) You want to apply up to 3 coats of Z2 (or Z5) in one 24 hour period; 2) You only want to apply one layer of Z2 (or Z5) but do not want to use ZAIO. ZFX is also a bonding agent like ZAIO and can be used for just the first coat as well. Any subsequent coats (without ZFX), up to 10, can be added over top 24 hours apart.

In terms of the Z2 + ZFX you mixed 5 days ago, throw it away. It's garbage. Any ZFX enabled Z2 or Z5 needs to be used within 24 hours of mixing.
Thanks, David. I called Zaino, as I wanted to talk about this, and learned that AIO, because it is a mild abrasive, will remove any Z2. Therefore, (and supporting what you said), I only want to use AIO for the full twice yearly detail. At this point, since I've already AIO'd, I'll wash, dry, and if I want to do 2 more coats of Z2, I need to enable it with ZFX. If I decide I only want 1 additional coat of Z2, I'll put straight on - no ZFX.

And I did confirm w/ the Zaino rep (Mr. Zaino or owner?) one always wants to use a damp applicator pad with any liquid polish or sealant.

Who ever thought detailing the paint could be so complex?? Once you learn it, it all comes together.