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Thumbs up Thank you Daniel@RSI!

Recently, I've decided to give my car a more "focused" direction in modification. To me, this meant getting rid of a lot of the flashy cosmetic stuff I had before in favor of more longevity/reliability, cornering ability, and power (in roughly that order).

Being a displaced NorCal guy down here in SoCal I was a little lost when searching for reputable shops and dealerships. Everyone thinks their shop is the best and their dealership does not bullshit them (yeah right).

So, I sold a few parts off my car (and am still selling stuff at this time) and got a few new parts to replace the old as well as some brand new goodies. I've read a few good reviews of Daniel@RSI here and being so close to me here in Orange County and his knowledge in the E9X platform it was a no brainer for me to give him a call.

First of all, WOW. The guy knows his way around these engine bays. He works with an established shop and they had some nice BMW/Euro track toys in progress the day I went in for my install. He's done so many of the standard bolt on installs on these cars that (despite a minor missing part issue on two occasions), he was done in practically no time.

Second, his rates and product pricing are very fair. As in, damn this guy can't be serious. He seems to charge less for everything he does and he makes it as convenient for you as possible seeing as he is the only (that I know of) mobile installer in the area!

Seriously... give him a try! You won't regret it!