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Originally Posted by scottp999 View Post
Give the guy a break. I had a little issue installing mine and he was around to discuss on the forums on a Saturday afternoon.

They are more than willing to help out and get the problems fixed. Most install issues seem to be fixed very quickly.

Of course it does give you some piece of mind going into your ecu if you have another vehicle available just in case, but not everyone does.

If vishnu would put out a customer satifsfaction survey it would be nice. Also, it might be comforting to know what percentage of people get the install done with no issues the first attempt, and if there are issues, what percent are solved within 24,48, and 72 hours. I think that might be comforting to potential customers.

I for one am very happy with the products performance and the support level.
Not Busting balls, not trying to hammer anyone, but I follow these threads trying to decide if I want to take the Proceed plunge or not. So being skeptical, or at least watching with a critical eye some things stand out to me.

Not busting on anyone NOT camping out waiting for customer contacts on a Sunday Afternoon, Screw that.

It was just that the only initial response was off line and that can give the impression that there are bigger issues behind the scenes. Make sense? In a Public forum where perception is truly reality this kind of thing can make folks go hmmm....

Not a big deal though.

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