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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Easy there, fella! In case you haven't noticed, every thread in this forum has a theme of bashing Obama & democrats. So when you complain about a staple of American society (like it or not), the inference is that you're blaming the current admin for something that existed long before (during Bush and prior). That's all. And apparently, that's not what you were doing, but it begs the question: why bring it up in this thread?
I didn't, you did. See my first post and what I quoted. You brought up the fact that conservatives/republicans are all for social security and medicare but against the healthcare reform. I simply stated I'm really not a fan of any of those systems, although they all have their pros and cons, and I stated why I am not necessarily a fan of those systems. There are things I like, and things I don't like. Also, I do feel differently about taxes. Although I don't necessarily agree with the idea of the income tax, it must be in place especially with today's deficit. There's no other way to get rid of it, however the rich should be taxed more, and these Bush tax cuts that have been going on for far too long are just doing more and more harm, day by day... Another topic for another time I guess...

And @11Series. Go back and read the whole thread and read what I posted at the start. You haven't even been in any of the posts in the thread. You just jumped in here, and you seem just as angry for no real reason.

Well if I will only get about 80% of it, then why can't I stop paying 100% of what is required? Why can't I be treated as an adult and given the chance to make my own retirement and investment plan (yes I do this, but I am still required to pay into social security)? Oh, because the money needs to be used for "other purposes" such as unemployment benefits which are a total scam nowadays. I understand giving benefits to those who are genuinely out of work and are actively pursuing employment, but there are a lot who do not quite meet the criteria, yet somehow still receive benefits.

I wasn't asked how my post relates to the thread. Did you read the thread or just read your friend's last post? I'm thinking the latter. I was asked why I wasn't posting here when Bush was in charge, or what any of what I posted had to do with the Obama administration. I answered both, since my post wasn't directly aimed at Obama, and I answered how I felt about Bush.

Seriously, what's up? Everything that doesn't agree with you is an attack on the almighty Obama and automatically Bush was wayyy better. That's not what I am saying at all.

Now I remember why I don't come here, I'll make my way back over to the car forums.
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