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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
Just what I thought, you've got health insurance like I'd said two posts ago.

So when you said the following, you were just making up mindless political bullshit:

Because there is nobody stopping you from dropping your insurance and paying in cash. If you really want it like you claim, do it.

But you don't really want what you claim to want. You just want to put out some false and intellectually disingenuous political baloney, and then you don't want to own up to it when you are caught red-handed.

Go ahead and put me on ignore. I'll just keep pointing out to everyone else here how intellectually disingenuous you are over and over. Please stick around. It's always nice to have a blatantly intellectually disingenuous foil in order to point out how completely false typical arguments against health care and other topics really are. Not having you respond will just be a bonus.

^ lol, more made up bullshit. What a queer.

You go ahead and say I don't have healthcare, then when I say I do you say "I knew it!" You're more incompetent than I thought. In my current position and employment state, I can't just drop healthcare and pay out of pocket. I have one option, so I go with it. That doesn't change the fact that I would like other options. You just keep making shit up. What is it like living in your mother's basement and trolling internet forums all day?

Now officially ignored, since he can't do anything but make shit up about me without any real argument. What factual evidence do you have on any of the accusations you've made (all personal attacks by the way) against me? All you can say is that I am "intellectually disingenuous." If anyone is intellectually flawed, it's you. And jealous to boot.
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