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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
^ lol, more made up bullshit. What a ******.

I guess you didn't have the courage to publicly admit you are two-faced here, so you had to PM it:

PM from Templar:
What I would LIKE to do and what I CAN do are two totally different things. You don't know anything about me, yet you presume you do and make up total bullshit because you think you're some sort of badass, when you're really just a jealous ******.

I'm not jealous of being two-faced.

Either you really want to do is to drop your health insurance and pay in cash, or you don't.

There is no "CAN" about it. You absolutely CAN! Nobody is stopping you.

So just give us all the answer straight. Which is it? Do you want to drop your health insurance and pay in cash or not?

Stop being a two-faced weasel and be honest for the entire 8 seconds it would take to respond to this direct question.