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Originally Posted by silvermist99 View Post
argh my cable detects itself as K+DCAN in USB\VID_0403&PID_6001\A6000001

it doesn't regonize itself as COM1 I think thats where my problem is.

COM1 is COM1 one just by itself that I configured it seems like

After you plug the cable in, do you have to do anything to make the cable COM1??

When I plug the cable in, it detects teh cable but no drivers are avaliable. Do I need drivers for the cable? I didn't think so reading the doc.

I need a training session on how to use this... haha
I don't remember much but I think my COM1 were occupied by another device at the beginning, I had to find the COM1 device and force it to use another COM before my cable could use the COM1. Good luck!!