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Originally Posted by NYCGP View Post
Really... come on 1.. It's political satire. It's meant for humor and nothing more. I laugh at people that think John Stewart's the devil because he makes fun of the republican party. It is done for entertainment and nothing more. If you can't laugh at stuff like this, life must be pretty dull.. Let the guard down every once and a while and smile a little bit.

I was laughing when I wrote it.

What's funnier than pointing out that in a piece of political satire, there is an underlying unintentional layer of satire that goes completely in opposition to the author's original intent? You like the direct satire on the face of the piece, I like the underlying satire. Tomayto/Tomahto.

I'm not sure what YOUR problem is?

Edit: Oh, and it's "11", not "1". As in a reference to Spinal Tap's line about their amplifiers having volumes labeled from 1 to 11, and they can turn them up to 11 (because that's 1 higher...). It's funny. You laugh now. My entire moniker is based upon humor, so saying I don't have any sense of humor is pretty funny.

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