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There is definitely an increase in dirt and bugs in the filter, no doubt. I have RPI scoops in mine and i pick up everything from dirt, dust, rocks, sticks, bugs, you name it... if this is something that bothers you, get some door screen[aluminum] (found at your local Home Depot) and apply it to the front - my preference was [red] zip ties with some super glue for extra strength. This cut all of that unnecessary debris.

I felt like an idiot at first trying to take those 2-part plugs out... i figured out by accident that there's a pin in the middle... i think because my car was so dirty at the time, i thought that it was one piece. A pic of this removal would be great for future reference.

**Disclaimer: if you have the carbon filter delete mod be extra careful what terrain you drive though (i.e. farm land, construction districts, etc.), many items can puncture your paper filter and/or your K&N filter and may cause extensive damage to your intake, throttle body, and internal engine components if your filter is not checked often enough**

Question: The two 'vents' in the air scoops... i don't understand the purpose... wouldn't air go through and lose efficiency?

Suggestion: I would prime, paint, and clear coat your scoops to better match your OEM red paint, or paint them black for a hidden look... these look faded in color.