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Originally Posted by misterng View Post
David, is it necessary to has ZAIO as a base coat before Z5 or Z2? I hate anything that has residue in it, so I just wash my car with Z7 and spray some turtle wet wax on top of the wet car and wipe it dry, then Z5, Z2 and Z6 (every 3 months) and only Z7, turtle wet wax and Z6 on regular wash (every 2 weeks). I also use turtle wet wax on the wheels after each wash and wipe it dry and realize that the wheels are more shinny, smooth and last longer (without brake dust), or should I try Z6 on the wheels as well (Zaino stated that Z6 is the antistatic formula that will reduce dust and dirt pickup by 60%)? Let me know your opinion. Thanks.
You only need to use ZAIO for the first coat of Z2 or Z5 (whichever you apply first). The next 10 coats (spaced 24 hours apart) of Z2 or Z5 you apply can be applied without using ZAIO.

Now in terms of the turtle wax, like I said before, don't use it. It will inhibit any future layers of Z2 or Z5 you apply in between your big details (when you will use ZAIO). If you like what the turtle wax spray wax gives you, then I'd suggest buying the Zaino equivalent, Z8. It is also a spray wax that is compatible with the Zaino system. It will give the extrra glow you like. You can also use it on wheels.