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Originally Posted by akack79 View Post
Epic, colossal choke fest by Texas !! I just don't see how Texas can recover from that meltdown
Originally Posted by akack79 View Post
Don't get me wrong, I want the Rangers to win as much as the next Texas fan. The way Texas lost that game, all the momentum and "mojo" is with St Louis. They had 2 chances, both times with one strike left and they couldn't seal the deal. I'm a big DFW sports fan but I'm a realist at the same time, a loss like that will linger in their heads, but that's why they play the game.

Anyhow, GO TEXAS!!
Originally Posted by gonzo View Post

Still processing the ALCS record setting MVP is being labeled as scared and a douche by a Rangers fan.
And where in any of my posts did I label Nelson Cruz "as scared and a douche??"

Fact: Texas as a team choked big time, they had 3 blown save opportunities in the same freaking game and some questionable moves by Washington.

MY OPINION : This will have a lingering effect tonight on Texas but hopefully they can persevere and come out on top. If not, they will be talking about game 6 for a long long time.
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