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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
Yet you feel the need to reply to me despite the fact it my response not addressed to, pompass ass, something I might even be willing to admit to.

you--just an ass, yet has no are full of hate, vitriol, and a pompass db is clear for all to see...btw, people actually do value how I feel about the economy/mtks, just not on this thread...

Please go back to pissing on each other, I will go back to my own section cause arguing about politics is veritably a waste of everyones time, esp. on a car forum...just a cesspool in here and I will admit I was prob contributing to it also.

Politics always brings out the worst in people, as it contributes and promotes a "you dont know shit you retard" attitude, its human nature unfortunately.

*sigh* Ok, let me explain it to you yet again, since "you dont know shit you retard".

When you post to the forum, it's public, everyone comments.
When you send a PM, it's private, just the person you PM responds.

This is simple stuff, why can't you figure it out?

Also, when you don't like a forum and don't want to participate on it, you open the proverbial door and leave. No need to announce you are leaving, just get up and go.

Easy stuff if you actually DO "know shit", and aren't a "retard".

Bye, bye and don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

(oh, and since you threaten to take your ball and go home and then change your mind and stay as often as a girl changes clothes -- welcome back "retard" )