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Originally Posted by cn555ic View Post
Some renegade just sent Terry a log of his nitrous run using a .46 jet! I stand corrected and this is the largest jet so far used with a N54! DAMN that must be fast as hell and also dangerous as hell for a major engine failure...That close to 100 shot and running 18 psi....That is insane in the membrane! Was that you Hotrod?
Damn 11.4
Yeah, first time running map #6 with nitrous. Had it set at 17psi, and didn't realize the meth additive I set at 50 was on top of the 17psi. So it was targeting 22psi, (although I had the max at 20psi limit). But it did hit 20psi several times, had fuel starvation with 20:1 AFRs. JB4 did its job and cut the nitrous whenever this happened. But I was still running right around 20psi on nitrous for a while before the fuel starvation occured. If that isn't a testament to the strength of this engine, I don't know what is. I am using no CPS offset either. So again, I believe there is so much overraction to little timing drops at much less HP levels. Yes, that 11.4 was at 131.1mph with a 2.0 sec 60' time.
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