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Originally Posted by hotrod182 View Post
Yeah, first time running map #6 with nitrous. Had it set at 17psi, and didn't realize the meth additive I set at 50 was on top of the 17psi. So it was targeting 22psi, (although I had the max at 20psi limit). But it did hit 20psi several times, had fuel starvation with 20:1 AFRs. JB4 did its job and cut the nitrous whenever this happened. But I was still running right around 20psi on nitrous for a while before the fuel starvation occured. If that isn't a testament to the strength of this engine, I don't know what is. I am using no CPS offset either. So again, I believe there is so much overraction to little timing drops at much less HP levels. Yes, that 11.4 was at 131.1mph with a 2.0 sec 60' time.
Damn thats good to know that your car was strong enough for a .46 jet running 18-20 psi and not even FBO..It gives me a sense of confidence to know what you have experimented with the .46 jet which is a huge shot compared to my
.15 jet that I am running at 16.5 psi with timing throughout the run at 10 and steady and a/f 12.2~ and a bit richer, that I am well within the safety parameters IMO of what this engine can safely handle with nitrous. Your car must have been hailin ass thats for sure. It was strange though that your car ran lean at 20.1 for that split second but could you could have max out the 20 psi of stock turbos limits when you accidentally set it to target 22psi and induce some slight throttle closure? I guess at that point you must of been at peak HP and psi and the meth was not enough to compensate for the extra oxygen if indeed there was no throttle closure. Are you running 2 CM10 nozzles? With a .46 jet I thought you would have beaten your record of 11.33..

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