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A few drops of oil solved the problem.

The fan in my car stopped working all of a sudden two days ago. I could feel some heat coming out of the ducks and the numbers on the dial were changing but the fan wasn`t blowing. It`s getting cold here in Ottawa so I wanted to fix this fairly quickly. I found the part on eBay for $100.

I followed the instructions in this DIY to remove the blower motor. I wanted to take a peek before deciding to order a new one. Taking it out was an easy 10 min job and once I had the motor/fan unit in my hands, I noticed some rust on the axle of the fan. I applied a few drops of oil, spinned the fan a bit to get it in, and re-installed the blower motor. It worked

Thanks for the tutorial! Of course you might want to try what I just did before replacing the blower motor.