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The general aesthetics of new Benz's kill me! They seem so 'cladded' in appearance, and have lost their edge. I have nothing against Mercedes, as my dad has been a long time owner and fan, and i'm very familiar with their products. He has an '06 S65 & '07 ML500 that he bought brand new, and have been impressibly reliable. He is refusing to go with the newer Benz's cause he hates how they look, too! I've always been a BMW guy- hence my X5 and 328. I think my dad is slowly converting. Regardless, people like what they like. To me- the C63 looks like a smaller, Accord coupe. The interior looks cheap, tacky and edgy. However, it's much different than a BMW- and that what Mercedes are for... to be a different competitor. It will definitely be interesting to see how the 'new' C-class does. I've seen some in Boston!
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