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Originally Posted by parham2652 View Post
Before you say you are this and that...
I am not. I have never owned a Mercedes and currently drive an E92 328 that I custom ordered. I love my car and BMWs. So do not give me any B.S.

Now that that is cleared up...

So I saw a Mercedes C63 AMG Coupé today and I really liked it. It looked really high class and elegant. It was black with a two tone black and red interior. I must admit, it looks much sexier in person, although the where the rear window ends looks kind of demented. The E92's rear window ends smoothly (which I personally like more).

Hard decision for future!!!! Help!!!!!!
(obviously I am not going to buy it or an M3 in the next couple years, but I am starting to actually consider a C63 over a M3. I just have to drive them one after another.)

Here's a pic, but as I said you really have to see it in person. The pic does not do the justice.
Buy whatever YOU like. Why the fuck do you need to ask for other BMW user's approval? Will you be buying car for them to look at and judge you by, or for personal enjoyment? As for your "poll", yes, I've personally considered it and yes, it is possible that I will buy one in future. And if it makes you feel any better - yes, I am (as a current BMW owner) allowing you to consider purchasing one too and will not laugh at you if you'll buy one. Happy now?