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Originally Posted by AlexK View Post
Buy whatever YOU like. Why the fuck do you need to ask for other BMW user's approval? Will you be buying car for them to look at and judge you by, or for personal enjoyment? As for your "poll", yes, I've personally considered it and yes, it is possible that I will buy one in future. And if it makes you feel any better - yes, I am (as a current BMW owner) allowing you to consider purchasing one too and will not laugh at you if you'll buy one. Happy now?
haha bro, I do not give a damn about what other people think about me. I am asking in terms of a holistic view (performance, reliability, features, etc.) of educated people on the subject. I could care less if you do not like what I drive. It's just I do not know much about performance and numbers on cars and I do not really watch/read reviews etc. That's why I am asking. I am not trying to get your approval. lol

My purchases are mostly based off looks, so I wanted to get the story behind the cars too.