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Bump for a fellow enthusiast who knows how to treat a BMW! Nice looking car! I was wondering a few things:

In your post you say that the car has 100K warranty that covers oil changes, etc... BMW generally gives you to kinds of extra coverage beyond the 4-yr warranty/maintenance that comes with the new car: extended maintenance, and extended warranty. extended maintenance covers vehicle maintenance (oil changes, brakes, filters, etc) due to normal wear and tear. extended warranty covers component failure that should not fail (for example, your a/c goes out). do you have both coverages, or just the maintenance coverage?

Does it have power seats?

Does it have Logic 7 sound?

How often have you changed the oil? BMW says every 15 K miles. Others believe a lower mileage interval is necessary. Which one did you follow?

How many miles on the current tires?

Good luck with sale! Ed