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Dyno Day - 330i + AA Tune = Happyness

Ok around jan 1st there was a dyno day were u get 3 pulls for $50 so i got some ok numbers on my 330i of 198hp and 202 tq. And thats with a muffler delete and injen intake.

well since then i got the AA tune (Witch was so worth ever cent!) and i deleted my 2ndary cats and i was kinda bummin myshelf down cause i didnt expect much with my luck at least. I was thinking ide make like 210hp and 215tq. Well i was more then happy.

1st run was in 3rd why idk the guy hit the wot. (In Blue)
2nd run was in 4th as well 3rd run. (Red & Green)

Next is gavins sweet headers & o2 sims.
Then ill be crossing fingers for 235-240hp and some what around the same with TQ
Would i have to get a re flash from AA to update new add on's?

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