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Thanks for the comments! The pictures are terrible, and really don't do it any justice. I will try to get some better pics up.

The extra warranty is the "BMW Certified Pre-Owned" warranty. The original factory warranty is still good for another year or so, but the certified warranty kicks in after that point and takes it out to 6 yr/ 100K miles. I actually just looked up what that entails and the oil changes and maintenance are not covered. I will edit this post!

The seats are not power, and I am not sure if it has the logic 7 sound system. I would say "no" to be safe, but I will check in the stereo tomorrow to make sure. It has the extra speakers in the back, but that doesn't mean it is logic 7 sound.

I have been doing 1/2 life oil changes on the vehicle since I have owned it- 7500 miles on the intervals.

The tires have been replaced (stock Mich. Pilot Sport 2 RSC), and have about 5K on them or so. I just had the vehicle serviced and all of the tires were checked and are well within the "green" range. Plenty of tread life left on these.