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Originally Posted by jaadoogar View Post
New challenge... (this one is for DL for attempting the pothole... hint, hint)...

Your E9x with an orange cone.
holy crap I can't believe I missed that - I live in a city in North America which is officially known as orange cone capital - we have our own factory to produce them because world production is not enough. We have them on EVERY highway and street regardless of whether there is either danger or construction going on

Originally Posted by Alpine3 View Post

Your E9x: next to a 1M! (I hope this one hasn't been done yet)
hoa! timer's on. I'm putting this pic tomorrow at 11am if no one does it as I'll be next to one then.
Originally Posted by panicos81 View Post
i know where i can find an M1. but i highly doubt if there is an 1M in Cyprus..
I'm confused... do you mean the M1 Garand? cause if you mean the car then it's much more likely you have the 1M (the new butt-ugly 1-series) than an M1 (which is only in the BMW museum in Munich!). unles you're saying exactly that - you know where to find the M1 --> in Munich