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Originally Posted by rollinstone157 View Post
I kinda drives me crazy when 1. people put wheels on with tires that clearly don't fit right, and 2. when people run their cars with rediculous amounts of (positive?) camber. I don't see how people think that the "I have a broken suspension component" look is must be one of those things these whippersnappers have come up with to match their "distressed" jeans that they bought for 20% more than the non-ripped versions
Originally Posted by flip4335 View Post
HAHAHA...I agree. That would be

2. negative camber front and back

IMO, it looks hilarious and completely does one drive it, without the fear of air leaking from the tires (J/K) or the bottom scraping and ruining the underside of the chassis or the exhaust system or the differential or catch my drift? LOL!

Agreed to both glad everyones on the same someone needs to tell that guy lol...