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Originally Posted by parham2652 View Post
I'm sorry, but I really hate the old cls. it's ugly in my opinion. new one is amazing; saw a new cls63 amg on the road today... MATTE OLIVE/GOLD combo!! It's hard to describe the color, but truly beautiful. I couldn't manage to take a shot barely was able to get a close look at it.

but between what you have now, get rid of the cls63 and get yourself a proper m sport body for your 335 with upgraded tail lights. save up and get the new cls if you really like it.

that's what I would do, but then again I'm on my first BMW; I imagine you are getting bored of BMW
LOL at you giving advice to a guy who actually has the bucks to buy the car, oh wait, he actually owns a CLS....
Why don't you keep your day job at Starbucks and keep saving before you give advice to others with money who can pull the trigger today..