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Originally Posted by turkish335 View Post
LOL at you giving advice to a guy who actually has the bucks to buy the car, oh wait, he actually owns a CLS....
Why don't you keep your day job at Starbucks and keep saving before you give advice to others with money who can pull the trigger today..
who are you to tell me what I can and cannot say?

FYI, I do not work at starbucks and if I really wanted to, I could be getting the CLS, but I didn't see the point because I only used to think of cars by the look, not power. I love the red interior of my car and speed was good enough for me, which is why I leased it. If I were into cars and wanted a powerful car before I got my car, I could have gotten it. I just was not into cars and this stuff at that time. The car decision to my used to be about looks, not performance. So be careful what you say before you say it.

My advice was just based off what I saw and have gathered by reading different things on the forums. You cannot say my opinion is wrong or stupid. I obtain the rights to believe what I want and if you do not agree, that's fine. It doesn't bother me. Just do not tell me to keep quiet.

I don't wanna start any tension or anything, so let's just end this.