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Originally Posted by frankgpass View Post
Just wanted to say I had to drive in the 6+ inches of snow we got here in PA yesterday and these tires performed beautifully! Only slipped once and it was my own fault. Granted, I have an XI but it was amazing how well they handled all the snow, slush and ice!

One thing...should I keep stock tire pressures? 36 looks low on the front tires...

Once we get some warmer weather, you might want to experiment with pressures. I found when switching from OEM Goodyear NCT RFTs to DWS rubber on my 128i that while the grip was still excellent, the initial turn in felt a bit mushy at the OEM pressures of 32/35. Increasing them to about 35/38 helped compensate for the softer sidewalls a bit - but at a slight cost in ride comfort. Otherwise, I can't see any downside to them - especially given the price.

As my 128i usually stays in the garage in bad weather, I'm glad to hear the DWS tires did so well for you during this unseasonal snow. Luckily I'm about 10 miles north of the White House and we had the snow fall but it all melted immediately.