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Originally Posted by yo-ga View Post
I also wanted to add two notes to my own PPK experience above.

Minor pinging continues when accelerating in a high gear from low revs, and up steep hills. It did this before the PPK, and it might have even increased by a tiny bit after the PPK. Here in SoCal, I use top-tier 91 octane fuel.

Also, while throttle response has been sharpened noticeably for me while moving, the throttle still seems deadened when I blip the throttle at a standstill with the clutch in. So when I'm just about to release the clutch to start moving and I blip the throttle, the response is much slower than I would expect, PPK or not. Might still have something to do with adaptations and I will probably have the tech clear them next time it's in.

I also want to be sure that my criticisms don't convey the message that I don't like the PPK. These are just little nitpicks. I do indeed love the PPK.

I'm in SoCal and I have also noticed the slight pinging at low and high RPMs on the initial WOT. Car is 2011 335i Performance Edition.