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EAS Helped Fix my Car :)

I owe a huge thank you for Tom@EAS for helping fix my car

I needed to get an update at the dealer, but long story short...they "bricked" my CTM and refused to fix it under warranty due to my SmartTop (which, when in Bypass mode, acts as it if wasn't even there, meaning the ST didn't cause any issues).

I gave the dealer a car that worked, just doing an update they recommended for me...I should have follow my instincts of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and ignored them...
I get a car back that doesn't work, the trunk doesn't close, the trunk lining was removed and not replaced, the CTM didn't work, a couple of errors on the iDrive.... and a week of stress/worry/wtf is going to happen to my car/wtf am I going to do.

I send Tom an email once I got my (not working as designed..) car back. He gave me a call the next morning and scheduled me in for the same day.

My apt was at 4...and i left my office at 2 (I have to drive from the Valley to Anaheim, which is about 60 or so miles), and I didn't get there until 5.... But Tom was very understanding and began working on my car immediately.

He explained what he was doing...but truth be told... I'm not much of a car although I felt I understood exactly what he was telling me... I can't really explain it lol.

He spent maybe 45 minutes on the car? at most an hour, and he would have finished quicker if I didn't bother him with a billion questions...

He was able to "reactivate" (I think that's what he did...) the module and pretty much bring it back to working order (or bring it back to life lol), then update it (I think that's what he did..) to the newest update for me.

This was a blessing for me...
You can take your car to EAS to get it updated to current factory spec without worrying about getting your car flagged at the dealer (whether you have X mod or Y mod etc). I guess you can call them a mod friendly "dealer" (in quotes cause they're not an actual BMW dealer)

I wish I could tell you the specifics of what exactly he did to fix my car...but this is why I am not a tech/someone who works on my own cars..I am ignorant when it comes to this; I'm a numbers person...

On the drive back home, I took me over 4 hours! Stupid 405 closure and Sepulveda wasn't moving either.
I am one to stress during traffic and get impatient etc..but since my car was fixed, and I was happy, I really really didn't care. Sat there, top down, music, and happy lol.
I took me 2-3 hours to drive 15-20 miles or so IIRC... it was bad, but it didn't really bother me

He also coded my car
Video in motion, amber delete, real speedo speed, and some other stuff :P

Cliff Notes:
1) Gave working car to dealer
2) Dealer said car failed update
3) Dealer said I may be flagged
More Stress
4) Dealer said they refuse to work on car
5) Received not working car from dealer
6) I email Tom late in the evening
7) Tom calls me next morning, I go in next day
8) Tom Fixes car.
No More stress
9) 4 hour drive home.

This is a review on the service and work preformed on my car as I haven't actually bought anything from them in some time (MS parts, camera, VSM module, SmartTop, etc...but that was a little while ago)

This wasn't for my m3, so I really wasn't sure where to post it...