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Exclamation Help on the headlights(OSS rings and Philip 6700K D1S bulbs)

here's what I've got recently(there's really a shitttload of things going on with my car now):

The headlights of my car are : OSS LED rings and Philips 6700k D1S bulbs.

The codes that happened several times were:

No.121 FRM 120 <Dipped beam, left, failure!> and I believe it was the headlights that caused the problem of the turning lights not to be functioned correctly as well.

The code for cornering lights is No. 151 FRM_ALC 295 <Adaptive Cornering lights failure! Possible to continue journey with caution>

The OSS rings works correctly at all times, however the bulbs that can light up the road at night-the Philips 6700K D1S bulbs which were installed by previous owner, specifically to the left front one. The dealer said it was because there's no enough load on the circuit, and possibly have been damaged or water has gotten into there for the reason that the original seal of the headlights has been compromised.

i took the car to several places and none of them can fix this electrical problem(such as Sears/Firesone/Auto Repair,etc), and the only thing the dealer can do is to install the original headlights back to the car because they wont install anything that is not from BMW factory(And I'll have to purchase those OEM yellow-color lights again).

Personally I enjoyed this kind of headlights really much however it couldn't be more frustrating sometimes and im just trying to figure it out where and how to fix it .. so any help would greatly appreciate it !

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