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Which tires would you go with?

I've got a 2007 E92 w/ a sports package (F: 225/40/18, R: 255/35/18) living in south florida. After two nails in less than a week, I'm looking to move away from the pricey RFT's. i want a tire that'll give me a good mix of handling (especially in the rain) with treadwear, as i put ~20k miles on the car every year.

looking at the Michelin Pilot Super Sport (UTQG: 300AA A) or the Conti ExtremeContact DWS (UTQG: 540A A). both have great to decent ratings in their tire tests and both have treadwear warranties 30k and 50k respectively (obviously life will be less cause of the staggered setup).. looking at the all-season DWS over the DW cause of the higher treadwear rating and warranty (please let me know if i'm looking at this wrong assuming that with the same driving style i'll get longer life out of the DWS' over the DW's). thoughts?

Mich Pilot SS: http://************/3exzohj
Conti DWS: http://************/3hwn7kp