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Dashboard creak/crack noise - help required!

Firstly, has anyone come across this before? It's driving me to distraction and my dealer appears to be unable to fix it (three times) because I think they're looking in the wrong place. They keep focussing on the small metal bonnet stop near the bonnet hinge but I think it's coming from inside the car somewhere around the bottom of the A pillar where it meets the dash.

The noise isn't a squeak or rattle but more like a crack and it happens as the car body shifts or flexes. It doesn't do it if I drive over a rough surface. I've tried holding onto the dash and various bits of trim to no avail. I've also tried putting a selection of my trusty loyalty cards in various gaps around the screen, A pillar and dash. Again, no difference.


After having another go at tracking this down I've eased off the cover at the end of the dash and had a look inside. Sorry for the iPhone pics.

Now I'm clutching at straws here but this area caught my eye

And specifically this

1 and 2 look like they should be welded together going on the scorch marks but it looks to me like there is a gap between them. It's hard to be certain because access is limited and unfortunately my torch is making the photos glare a bit.

Any thoughts anyone? Or pretty please, does anyone fancy having a look on their car for me?