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Originally Posted by Dynomyte View Post
I am in the same exact boat haha. No worries I will attempt this on my own. If you have free time on your hands.

If not the information here should suffice.

Thank you,
*disclaimer - I take no responsibility should you damage your car with any steps I mention below. You do this at your own risk.*

The steps are pretty easy.

1.disconnect battery

2.remove passenger cup holders and trim

3.remove glove box (you must remove the cup holders in order to get the glove box completely out)

4.remove kick panel and trim between the seat and door sill

5. remove JBE module (black box below fuse box) & remove fuse box(this is the tedious part with hard to get to small torx screws for the fuse box.)

6. swap all fuses from old fuse box to new fuse box. (tip - take a pic of your old fuse box as a reference for correct placement when moving fuses to new fuse box. Also it helps to lay the fuse boxes side by side and do one fuse at a time)

7. *now you can either run a completely new power to the battery as the service bulletin states to do (very time consuming and lots more work) or you can do what i did) i cut the end off the new cable at about 18inches in length. Then i cut the end of the old cable still in the car at about 16 inches back from the fuse box. (stripped both ends at about 2 inches to give plenty of wire space to twist the ends together in end to end.) I soldered the two too pieces together (a lot of soldering and get a very hot soldering iron to avoid a cold solder that could cause amperage draw issue and cause a fire- i did this because i have a lot of experience soldering electric projects in vehicles) .

8. *heat shrink the connection and then use almost a whole roll of 3M super+(buy the best electrical tape you can don't go cheap in this) electrical tape. you cannot use too much to insure no wire burs and heat or shorts)

9. plug everything back but DON'T re-assemble your car yet as you are just checking for power and making sure everything works first.

10. patience and test it a few times..

11. once you have confirmation that you have been successful you can start the re-assemble process.

12. and you are done.

mine took me about 2 hrs to complete. and everything has been great since.

hope this helps at at least can give you an idea. i can send some pics via email but the folder is very large.
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