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Limp mode while on vacation!

So I went on a mini-vacation in Carmel before I start work on Monday, and while I was driving, my car suddenly goes into limp mode. I get an "Engine Malfunction, Power Decreased" warning on my idrive and a check engine light on my dash.

I've read many stories of this happening on these boards and was scared that it finally happened to me. I had 3000 miles on the car. I was driving back to the resort, and at first it seemed fine. Then I had to drive uphill and the lack of power was incredibly apparent. I car slowed to a crawl and could barely rev above 2500 rpms and took forever to get there. I called BMW Assist and they said that if the check engine light wasn't red, I could still drive it, so then I took the painstaking task of driving the car back to Fremont, which took an eternity and a bunch of big rigs giving me the finger as THEY passed me!

Anyway, I called my dealership (BMW of Fremont), and they were actually kinda rude on the phone. I called and asked to be transfered to service, which I was, and then I talked to the service lady and gave her my name. I was on my cell phone, which then cut out on me. I called her back, telling her what happened, and instead of proceeding to do anything, she just kept on nagging me, literally saying "Why did you hang up on me?" and asked that three or four times, which annoyed me quite a bit.

I've been hearing stories of people having their car at the dealership for 7 or more weeks, which makes me wonder... am I going to get my car lemoned? In a way, I sort of want to. I also have a 2001 330ci, and was originally planning on selling it and just having the 335i, but instead I kept the 330ci, and now use it as my "beater." Since I have that, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get the 335 lemoned, and buy a M Roadster instead. Am I wrong for thinking that? Unfortunately I just bought iForged rims and the Lux 3.0 for the 335i, so I'm going to have to figure out what to do with those, unless they'll work on the M Roadster. Just wanted to share with you guys! Take care