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Originally Posted by SlowerThanU View Post
Good luck staying with the .15 ... I told myself the same thing ... 6 jets later I am up to .45 in the car now with a .50 in the trunk

Stop antagonizing me!

Anyway.....So basically my setup is all control by the ground wire to the nitrous relay...the microswitch, my "go fast button" both have to be pressed and then its up to the digital window switch to give the ground to that wire which is in series with the microswitch and my "go fast" button....WHen rpms are at its trigger point the window switch triggers the ground and then the nitrous will spray its joyful mist into the intake manifold, and you will get some
When the rpms reach the set max rpm, the window switcher takes the ground away and nitrous stops immediately...Pretty simple

The only reason why I would not do a larger jet is that I dont have lean run cutoff and the likihood of this happening with a smaller jet is less

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