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help! what are these wires for?

I recently installed an M3 style bumper, which came with different fog lights. I have the fog light adapters on order, and I got everything else together just fine, but I guess I was going a little too quick when I originally took the front of the car apart.
There are two wire pigtails (one on each side of the car) that are attached to the foglight pigtail wires about 10 inches or so from where they terminate. So when I plug in the fog lights, I have a pretty limited zone in which these mystery wires could connect. Despite that, I cannot for the life of me figure out what they plug into. I searched around on both sides of the car, but no luck.

Does anyone know what these wires are for?

I also happen to be throwing a tire pressure monitor system code, is it possible these wires plug into a wireless receiver for the TPMS transmitters inside the tires? I thought the antennae for the TPMS system was inside the ECU...
I tried resetting the TPMS, but it will not let me because it says "inactive" which others have fixed only by replacing a failed TPMS sensor, so I don't get the feeling that this problem is related to these wires.