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[quote=sflgator;1072260]Are you insane? You want to get your car "lemoned" b/c it went into "limp mode" 1 time?

Relax, will be ok. Most "limp mode" occurrences (which are still a small % of 335i's), including mine happened 1 time just like yours (cruising on the hwy. at 65mph while in M6), and so far in several weeks, it has not returned in my car.

Did you stop your car, turn it off, and then restart? If so, did the little yellow light go off and your car return to normal? That's what happened in my case, and like I said, so far so more "limp mode."

sflgator i dont even stop to turn the error message off!!!!!!!! heheheheheh
i just holddown the start/off button while still moving then hit to start again...2.5 seconds later its gone :rocks::rocks::rocks::rocks::rocks::rocks::rocks:: rocks::rocks::rocks: