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Question Steel-cage battle: Graphite/saddle vs Graphite/black ?!?

Down to the wire and freaking out over this.

Placing order this weekend (yay!), already negotiated the deal. Am down for SG with black, but I finally saw it in person on the other day and it was REALLY dark in there, sorta cave-like-- not inviting at all. But also could have been the ambient light, I dunno.

STRONGLY CONSIDERING SADDLE BROWN!! I've seen some pix here, yet still a bit tough to determine. Here's my worry-- saddle brown means THREE colors at play. SG ext, brown seats, and black carpet/dash. IS THIS TOO BUSY?? Seems like it may be cool for a moment and then get a bit garish/harsh on the eye.

Does anyone with this color combo have ANY REGRETS??