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Factory Wideband Readings

Has anyone else scanned the factory wideband sensors? I’m getting some wacky readings on mine and I’m not yet sure if they’re a byproduct of my scanning software, or accurate readings.

Just guessing based on what my scanning software says (I have not actually put a meter on the sensor yet, I guess that will be the next step):

1) It’s a current based sensor, with a range of -3 to 3 ma
2) 0ma seems to equate to around stoch (~14.7:1)
2) -.37ma seems to equate to around 13.5:1
3) -.65ma seems to equate to around 12.5:1

So to richen the mixture up under boost a full point, I’m guessing we need to figure out how to pull an additional .35ma from the ECU. I’m thinking its as simple as a ~40k resistor to ground on each o2 wire (assuming its 12v). Who wants to lend me a wideband for testing?

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