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Cool First Look at BMW Individual Frozen Dark Blue, Lipstick, Chestnut Brown, Byzanz Metal

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I wanted to take a little time to write a little about the dealership Iíve been getting my rental cars from, because it is far from a regular BMW dealership. I picked this Sixt station because it wasnít far from where I worked and had flexible hours. It turns out to be one of the biggest dealership in Munich.

This is what you are greeted with the first time I walked through:

To the right is where there are all sorts of Individual 3 Series:

Love this wagon. Something youíll never see in the US unfortunately:

Walk past that and you have showroom just for M cars.
The mighty 1M:

A Java Green E93 M3. Talk about bright!

Hereís easily the weirdest color Iíve ever seen. From the outside of the dealership, it looked like a Fire Orange M3. I knew it wasnít as soon as I saw it inside. The color is called Lipstick, which to me was a mix of orange and pink. Yes, pink.

Head downstairs and they have a whole floor dedicated to Individual cars, sales and service.
Hereís one combo youíll almost never see anywhere. A 535d GT in Monte Carlo Blue!

This wagon was perfect. I did end up renting a 530d Touring and it was an amazing experience. More on that later.

A 650i:

An Avus Blue E93!!! This is an absolutely gorgeous color for this car. There were some awesome colors back in the E36 days!

This color is called Frozen Dark Blue if I remember correctly. This is the first time Iíve seen one of BMWís matte colors. It even feels rough to the touch

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Another E93 in Byzanz Metallic:

At that point, I was already late to pick up my car. They had a whole other sections for X cars, 1ers and 5/6ers. I came back a week after, and this is what they had on display at the lobby. Looks even meaner in real life. This world would be a better place with a hardtop Z4 I tell ya.

The next write-up will be about my first time at the Nurburgring. Many wrecks ensue (not me thankfully!).