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Originally Posted by lovemybmw View Post
I tried to delay changing mine over as long as possible, however almost failed m.o.t lol so thought best to change.

I'm going to add some snow chains to the list, how easy are they to attach? And any tips or tricks to doing so, I've heard the stories of not enough room to attach and grazed knuckles lol.
Having got stuck twice last year I bought snow chains - Thule K Summit ... expensive at 280 but fit in about 5 mins for both sides. No grazed knuckles - they fit from the outside of the tyre only and pull themselves on. They were ideal for my 3 series M Sport.

They worked great when used and fit quicker and far easier than Snow socks (which I have also used). They are just expensive ... but not anywhere near as expensive as winter tyres and wheels.