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Originally Posted by lovemybmw View Post
What have you all done to prepare yourselves and your cars for this winter?

You seem to have done a LOT of preperation lol

I chucked the winter wheels and tyres on the M3 yesterday, but that's about it really. If it snows I tend to keep the tank full for a bit of extra weight at the rear but other than that, nothing else. The difference between the Michelin PS2's and the Vred winter tyres is night and day. Lots more grip on cold damp mornings and when it snows the car drives so well, it's unbelievable. The first year I had the M3, it was completely undriveable in the snow so it sat on my drive for a fortnight unused. Last year however, we opted to use it over the missus Passat CC which was OK (ish) but nowhere near a match for my RWD car on winters