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Originally Posted by Ado View Post

I actually read your post about Dynos before going up there and asked the guy what the correction was he said he didn't know so I just went with it.

The one thing that I am not too sure about was that we didn't run the car for too long after we installed the PROCede as we were still on the Dyno from the first stock test.

For those guys that Shiv installed the PROCede for, did you guys run your cars a bit before doing the 2nd test?

I wanted to but the guys shop was sooo packed and the dyno was all the way in the back.

Have him send you the .drf files from your run, then you can change the correction to uncorrected yourself... see this post, I explain how to do it.

In my opinion, everyone should walk away with the .drf files from their runs, so that you have more than just a printout... maybe stop by with a thumbdrive and grab them... Good luck!