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just been a victiom of online banking fraud

just realised this morning someone thas aken 600 from my account.

I was on the net last night and signed into my online halifax banking as normal but after passwords entered it asked for extra security steps, which involved them ringing me to authorise a test payment and asked me to put in a 4 digit pincode the screen showed.

did this and the process completed...everything seemed fine, then checked my account online today and it showed a FPO FAST PAYMENT ORDER of nearly 600 has been sent to another account.

have been on phone with my bank (halifax) and its under fraud investigation and they have informed it is fraud but luckily they will be reimbursing me with the money within 24 hrs.

I'm pretty clued up with IT stuff so was very shocked to see it was fraud .

the fact it asked for security measures after i signed in and then gave me the option to receive an automated call to either a lanndline or mobile, both of which showed up on screen made me think its for real so i followed the process!

so just be careful is what i say with online banking

anyone else been a victim like this??